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3 February 2010

Rule Change for 2018 Contest

The Executive Committee of the NSDC has a new rule. Effective for the 2018 SHAG NATIONALS competition.

Any Overall Junior Champion must enter the Professional Division once they are 21 years of age (or aged out of the Junior II Division). They now must bypass the Non-Pro Division and go straight to the Pro Division.  We know we may hear that if the rule was changed earlier some runner-ups would have been champions, but feel now is the right time to make this change to encourage more Non-Pro dancers.

The Non-Pro Division was established as a step-up division for beginners, amateurs and novice dancers. Winning the Junior Overall is a much different level of dance ability. In fact, in the past some Overall Junior champions chose to skip the Non- Pro – Michael and Leann Norris, Brenner Goree, and Autumn Jones.

We hope this will sincerely add more dancers to the Non-Pro Division and look forward to the Preliminaries on January 26-27, 2018 and the Finals on March 8-10, 2018 – the 35th Nationals.

Sirius XM Channel 13 – Carolina Shag

Sirius XM came to visit us at the National Shag Dance Championships back in March. DJ Human Numan was roaming the crowd and recording mini interviews from dancers and spectators about what Carolina shag means to them. The result is that Sirius has launched a “limited edition” station dedicated to Carolina Shag featuring classic 50s-70s rhythm and blues and soul music that you would hear at Shag Nationals or any shag club in the Carolinas. Listen closely and you will hear sound clips of the interviews from Nationals this year. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER so that we let the folks at Sirius know how much we appreciate them sharing our music with the world – if we get enough social media “likes” maybe they will air it as a seasonal channel every year between Memorial Day and July 4th weekends?…..Show your support for Sirius XM Carolina Shag!



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