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3 February 2010

Congratulations to our 2017 Division Winners & Finalists

Here are the results of the 2017 National Shag Dance Championships in order of final placement


  1. Leslie Jennings & Sam West
  2. Autumn Jones & Brennar Goree
  3. Chase Forrester & Cody Edwards
  4. Myers Floyd & Garrett Humphries
  5. Sarah Kemp & Rod Hager
  6. Taylor Perkinson & Jeremy Webb
  7. Jada Bannen & Steve Balok
  8. Tobitha Stewart & Gene Pope


  1. Brenda & Bill Barber
  2. Marsha & Les Rose
  3. Pat & Archer Joyce


  1. Jane Jacobs & Craig Guy
  2. Mary Lynn Myrick & Tom Bare
  3. Pat Folds & Rodger Woodson
  4. Susan Neal & Tom Shipman


  1. Sydney Kemble-West & Kyler Byrum
  2. Kim Chance & Bryan Renn
  3. Taylor Shirley & Chad Farlow

Junior 1

  1. Lizzie Batten & Trey Henley
  2. Trinity Davis & Mack West
  3. Gracie Pandure & Tucker Brown
  4. Lauren Cookman & Jason Long

Junior II

  1. Kayla Henley & Jackson Batten
  2. Allison Pittman & Cullen Fields
  3. Ivy Claire Huiet & Johnathan Kemp
  4. Mary Elizabeth Jacobs & River Harmon
  5. Kaylee Bravo & Kolten Ellis

New 2017 Prelims Event – Ladies HOF “Golden Girls”

Our ladies 60’s Hall of Famers Mixed Doubles at Prelims was a HUGE success!  These ladies shagged in O.D. Beach and beaches north and south in the sixties. They selected their own record and their partner was drawn.  Judy Duke, Mott Free, Janet Harold, Betty Kane, Babs McIntosh, and Ellen Taylor brought the house down and raised lots of money for the Beth Mitchell Memorial Scholarship.  Videos of the Golden Girls Mixed Doubles as well as all of Prelims are available from Stages Video.  $30 for DVD or $50 for DVD of entire weekend.  Send check or money with your mailing address to 514 29th Avenue North, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

2017 Shagging with the Stars

The 2017 Shagging with the Stars and Pro Instructors met recently at the Flamingo Grill in Myrtle Beach.  They will compete on Friday, January 29th at the Spanish Galleon.  Proceeds to benefit the Beth Mitchell Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Group Photo (L to R):  M.J. Schwartz, Kim Chance, Lauren Benton, Jeff Hargett, Donna Hosaflook, Ryan Earnest, Holly McMillan, Jackson Batten, Rev. Jason Lee, Pat Folds, Scott Campbell, Renee Elvis, Mark Porter, Renee Scott, Sara Dee Timmerman, Rusty Hosaflook








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Pro Finalists

South Atlantic Bank

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Beach Shaggers Hall of Fame

Donna & Rusty Hosaflook

Camille & Bruce Morgan

Vicki & Ralph Tedesco

Angela & Chris Jestes

Gretchen & Richard Abney

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