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PDF Forms (Entry Form, Song List, & Advertising)

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**Deadline for All Division applications (except Masters) is December 28th, 2015.

***Deadline for Masters Division applications is November 30, 2015 

NSDC Professional Application

NSDC Senior Application

NSDC Non Pro Application

NSDC Junior I_II Application

NSDC Masters Application

2015 Advertisement Form

2016 Collegiate Application Form

2016 Team Application Form

2016 Ad Sheet

2015 Beth Mitchell Scholarship Application




Any person who has danced in a Professional Shag contest, specifically in the Competitive Shaggers Association. Masters and Seniors can enter this division. Must be 21!


No professional competitors! Novice, amateur and beginners who are 21 years of age and older and have never danced in any professional Shag contest!

MASTERS DIVISION (Invitational):

The female must be at least 49 years of age and the male 50 years of age, but with a total of at least 100 years combined. These ages must be reached by the last night of the finals in March. No novices or amateurs in this category. One dancer must be a Hall of Fame member. They will be judged by Hall of Fame Dancers. Judged on smoothness, togetherness and showmanship.


The female must be at least 49 years of age and the male must be at least 50 years of age by the last day of finals. Only pro dancers are eligible in this division.


14 years and under!


15-20 years of age!


Must be attending the college you are representing as of the date of the contest & must have never competed in a sanctioned shag contest

*All age requirements by the last night of the finals in March.




Categories (except Masters):

Smoothness – Degree of Difficulty – Togetherness – Execution – Repertoire

Masters Categories:

Smoothness – Togetherness – Style – Showmanship


Music Preservation List

(**Only one couple can use each record – an asterisk denotes that the record has already been claimed by a couple for their dance.  It will be updated monthly through December and weekly starting in January**):

1. ANNIE HAD A BABY                                      Hank Ballard & The Midnighters

2. AT LAST                                                                Tony Martin

3. BABY WORKOUT                                                Jackie Wilson

4. BEG AND STEAL                                                Strangers

5. BLUE MOON                                                       Nat King Cole

6. BOAT DOCK                                                       Ray Sharpe

7. BOOGIE WOOGIE KING                                   Jimmy Liggins (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

8. BRING THE MONEY HOME                             The Orioles

9. BROKEN HEART                                               The Fiestas

10. BUMP ON A LOG                                               LuLa Reed

11. CANADIAN SUNSET                                         Mills Brothers

12. CHICKEN SHACK BOOGIE                             Amos Milburn (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

13. CHONNIE-ON CHON                                         James Brown

14. CLUB SAVOY                                                      Rockin’ Louie and The Mamma Jammers  

15. COME BACK MY LOVE                                    The Wrenns

16. COME GO WITH ME                                          The Federals

17. COULD IT BE YOU                                            The Four Tops

18. CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY                                   The 5 Royales

19. CRY TO ME                                                         Solomon Burke  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

20. DONUT AND A DREAM                                   Mills Brothers

21. DON’T CRY ON MY SHOULDER                   Sam Cooke (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

22. DON’T YOU LIE TO ME                                    B. B. King

23. DREAM                                                                Five Keys

24. DRINKIN’ WINE (Spodee Odee)                    Larry Dale

25. DRIP DROP                                                        Drifters

26. DRIVE DADDY DRIVE                                     Little Sylvia  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

27. DRIVE IT HOME                                                Clovers (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

28. EXACTLY LIKE YOU                                        Aretha Franklin

29. FLAMINGO                                                          Earl Bostic

30. FEEL SO GOOD                                                Shirley and Lee

31. FINE BROWN FRAME                                     Lou Rawls and Diane Reeves  

32. FOOLS RUSH IN                                               Etta James

33. GREEN EYES                                                    The Ravens

34. GIVE ME YOU                                                    Billy Ward & The Dominoes

35. GOOD ROCKIN’                                                Jr. Walker

36. HARD HEARTED WOMAN                             Eddie Burns (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

37. HAVE MERCY BABY                                       Dominoes

38. HEARTBREAK (I’TS HURTIN’ ME)               Little Willie John

39. HEY BARTENDER                                            Floyd Dixon  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

40. HEY GIRL                                                            Lucky Carmichael

41. HEY SENORITA                                                 The Penguins

42. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE                               Huey Piano Smith & The Clowns

43. HOLE IN THE WALL                                          Floyd Dixon

53. HONKY TONKY                                                  The Drifters  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

54. I CRY                                                                    The Cadets


56. I HEAR A RHAPSODY                                       Earl Bostic  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

57. I JUST WANT TO LOVE YOU                           Ivory Joe Hunter

58. I KNOW IT’S HARD BUT IT’S FAIR                The 5 Royales

59. I USED TO CRY MERCY MERCY                    Lamplighters

60. I WANT A LOVE I CAN SEE                             Temptations

61. I WANNA KNOW                                                  Lloyd Sims

62. I’D BE SATISFIED                                               Dominoes  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

63. IF I COULD HOLD YOU                                     Melvin Moore

64. I’M TORE UP                                                        Billy Gayles

65. IN THE MORNING TIME                                    Clovers

66. IT WON’T BE THIS WAY (ALWAYS)              The King Pins

67. IT’S A DOGGONE CRYING SHAME               Ivory Joe Hunter

68. JUST A GIGOLO                                                Louis Prima and Keely Smith

69. JUST ONE LOOK                                              Doris Troy 

70. JUST TO SAY HELLO                                      Jesse Belvin  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

71. LAY IT ON THE LINE                                         The Dominoes

72. LET ME GO HOME  WHISKEY                        Leroy Little

73. LET’S HAVE A PARTY                                     Amos Milburn

74. LITTLE QUEENIE                                              Chuck Berry  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

75. LONELY TEARDROPS                                    Jackie Wilson

76. LOOK WHAT YOU DO TO ME                        Snooky Pryor

77. LOVE OF MY LIFE                                            The Quails

78. LOVEABLE LILLIE                                            Lillian Leach and The Mellows

79. MAKE IT BE ME                                                The Flares

80. MAY I                                                                    Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs

81. MORNING, NOON AND NIGHT                      Joe Turner

82. MOVE ME BABY                                               Jimmy Witherspoon

83. NIGHT AND DAY                                                Earl Bostic  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

84. NIP SIP                                                                The Clovers

85. NO SWEET LOVIN                                            The Drifters

86. ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE         The Drifters

87. ONE MINT JULEP                                            The Clovers  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)




89. OUTSIDE OF PARADISE                                Ray O Vacs  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)


90. OVER THE RAINBOW                                     The Checkers  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)


91. PLEASE DON’T GO                                        Floyd Dixon


92. POISON IVY                                                      Willie Mabon


93. ROCK AND ROLL WEDDING                       Hank Ballard and The Midnighters


94. ROCK GRANNY ROLL                                   Hank Ballard and The Midnighters


95. ROCKIN’ ALL THE TIME                                Roy Brown


96. RUB A LITTLE BOOGIE                                 Champion Jack Dupree


97. SADIE MY LADY                                              The Drifters


98. SATELLITE BABY                                            Roosevelt Sykes

99. SAVOY BOOGIE                                               Jimmy McCracklin

100. SEPTEMBER IN THE RAIN                           Brenda Lee

101. SEPTEMBER IN THE RAIN                           Dinah Washington

102. SEXY WAYS                                                    Hank Ballard and The Midnighters

103. SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL                      Joe Turner

104. SH-BOOM                                                         Chords

105. SHE FELT TOO GOOD                                  Jimmy McCracklin

106. SHUT YOUR MOUTH                                      B. B. King

107. SICK AND TIRED                                            LuLa Reed

108. SIX TO EIGHT                                                 Sticks McGhee  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

109. SIXTY MINUTE MAN                                     Billy Ward and The Dominoes  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

110. SLOW BOAT TO CHINA                              Ronnie Dove  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

111. SMOKEY PLACES                                       The Corsairs

112. SOMEBODY TOUCHED ME                       Ruth Brown

113. STAGGER LEE                                              Lloyd Price

114. STAND BY ME                                                Ben E. King (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

115. STREET WALKING WOMAN                      T-Bone Walker

116. SWEET SUE                                                    Big Joe Turner

117. TA TA                                                                Clyde McPhatter  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

118. TAKIN’ CARE OF BUSINESS                     Freddy King

119. TEARS KEEP TUMBLING DOWN              Ruth Brown

120. THANK YOU JOHN                                        Willie Tee

121. THE DEACON MOVES IN                             Little Esther & The Dominoes  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

122. THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT                 The Jarmels

123. THERE GOES MY BABY                               The Drifters

124. THERE’S NO TOMORROW                          The Clovers

125. THINK                                                                The 5 Royales  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

126. 39 – 21 – 40 SHAPE                                        The Showmen

127. TIME MAKES YOU CHANGE                         Dells


128. TONIGHT AND FOREVER                             The Whirlers

129. TOO LATE                                                         Five Keys

130. TOO MUCH LOVIN’                                         The 5 Royales

131. TRUE FINE MAMA                                            Little Richard  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

132. TUNE UP                                                            Jr. Walker

133. TWO HEARTS                                                 Otis Williams and The Charms

134. WEE BABY BLUES                                       Joe Turner  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

135. WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES     Esther Phillips

136. WHAT ABOUT YOUR DAUGHTER             J. B. Lenoir

137. WHEN LOVE IS NEW                                     Arthur Prysock

138. WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER                          The Checkers

139. WHY DON’T CHA STOP IT                            Buddy and Ella Johnson

140. WITCHCRAFT                                                  Jesse Belvin

141. WOE IS ME                                                       The Cadillacs

142. YOU NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD                    The Checkers


144. YOUR DADDY’S DOGGIN’ AROUND           Todd Rhodes

145. YOU’RE IN LOVE                                               Five Vets

146. YOU’RE THE BOSS                                         Jimmy Ricks & Lavern Baker

147. ZING WENT THE STRINGS                            The Coasters

148.  HOUSE PARTY                                                                                  Amos Milburn

149.  CORRINA CORRINA                                                                      Big Joe Turner

150.  FINGER POPPIN TIME                                                                 Hank Ballard & Midnighters

151.  MAMA HE TREATS YOUR DAUGHTER MEAN              Ruth Brown

152.  LOVE CONTEST                                                                                Ruth Brown

153.  FIVE, TEN, FIFTEEN HOURS (5-10-15)                              Ruth Brown

154.   I’M IN LOVE AGAIN                                                                      Fats Domino

155.  SICK & TIRED                                                                                   Fats Domino

156.  LA LA                                                                                                     Fats Domino

157.  LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL                                                 Louis Jordan

158.  DOLLAR DOWN                                                                             Louis Jordan

159.  SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL                                                The Drifters

160. WHITE PORT LEMON JUICE                                                    Bel Aires  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

161.  HONEY HUSH                                                                                  Big Joe Turner  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

162. MAMA DON’T LIKE                                                                        Smiley Lewis

163. WALKIN MY BABY BACK HOME                                          Nat King Cole

164. DON’T LEAVE ME FANNIE                                                         Royal Jokers

165. BOOT EM UP                                                                                        Du Droppers

166. AIN’T GETTING CAUGHT                                                            5 Royales

167. NOT GOING TO CRY                                                                       5 Royales

168. HOW BLIND CAN YOU BE – Goldie Boots & The Falcons

169. DIDN’T I TELL YOU – Tommy Hunt

170. YOU – Frankie Lymon



173. MONEY – Clifford Curry & The Five Pennies (Savoy label)

174. WHAT TO DO – The Drifters

175. WHEN I GET LUCKY – Floyd Dixon

176. THAT WOMAN – Hank Ballard

177. FARE THEE WELL – Hollywood Flames  (ALREADY RESERVED FOR 2015)

178. OOKY OOK – The Penguins


180. I’VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN – Ethel Ennis


182. DEAR LOVER – Mary Wells

183. MOVE ON DRIFTER – Baby Washington

184. JUDGEMENT DAY – Floyd Dixon

185. GET WITH IT – THe Flamingos

186. HEARTBEAT – The Chords


188. THAT’S HOW I FEEL WITHOUT YOU – Sonny Til & Edna McGriff

189. SHAME ON ME – The Ramblers

190. DON’T BE ANGRY – Nappy Brown

191. MY GIRL IVY – Jimmy Witherspoon & The QQuintones

192. MR BIG WHEEL – Jimmy T-99 Nelson

193. I AIN’T DRUNK – Jimmy Liggins

194. CRAZY MIXED UP WORLD – Little Walter

195. BE FAIR – The Pipes


197. TRY – The Miller Brothers (1958 Mercury label)

198. LOVERS PRAYER – Vernon Greene & The Medallions

199. TOWER OF STRENGTH – Gloria Lynne

200. WHAT AM I GONNA DO – Chuck Jackson

201. I LIKE IT LIKE THAT – 5 Royales

202. FLAMING LOVE – The Gardenias

203. YOU’RE THE ONE – 5 Keys

204. GOOD LOVIN – The Clovers

205. YOUNG AND IN LOVE – Ruby & The Romantics

206. SAY WHEN – The Four Tunes


208.  OH WHAT A THRILL – Rockpile (already reserved for 2015)



1. Non-Pro winners upon their next nationals will dance in the Senior or Pro divisions.

2. To enter Pro or Senior division one member of the couple must have moved to Pro status. This means they may have reached Pro status

3. Records must be brought to the 4:00 p.m. Finals & Prelims meetings with N.S.D.C. form. Forms will be turned in. Contestants will dance one record from the Preservation List Thursday, one record Friday and one record on Saturday if in the final cut. Masters dance Friday & Saturday night. Length — 3 minutes each night. Prelims – Friday- 2 minute record with required steps & a 2 minute record on Saturday night for Prelim competitors and all finalist competitors. (** Only exception is the Master division where the record length will now be a minimum of 1 minute 30 seconds but not exceed three minutes)

4. Attendance at the pre-contest meeting is mandatory by at least one of the competing partners.

5. Should there not be enough qualified dancers in either Junior division then both shall become one division. The overall Junior award is given to the couple placing the highest of both divisions.

6. Masters Division — The female must be at least 49 years of age and the male at least 50 years of age by the last night of competition. Their combined age must be at least 100 years of age. Age is not the only criteria. They also must show they have “mastered” the artistry of the dance through their dancing career. One of couple composition must be an inducted member of the Shaggers Hall of Fame.

7. Each couple will be composed of one male and one female.

8. Judging for the Preliminaries and the Finals will be the National’s placement system.

9. Scoring for Finals will be cumulative for Judges’ final decision — all three dances (two for the Masters) will decide Judges’ championship placement.

10. The overall winner from Pro, Non-Pro, Juniors and Seniors Divisions will be determined by the judges ranking the divisional winner #1- #4 in preference.

11. Any contest rulings will be governed by a majority vote of the N.S.D.C. Board of Directors.

12. The entry fee is $75.00 per couple. Make checks payable to the National Shag Dance Championships.

13. Juniors must not have reached their 21st birthday by the last night of competition for Division II and not reached their 15th birthday by the last night of competition for Division I.

14. The Nationals committee reserves the right to disqualify or give a year’s probation — disallowing him/her to compete the following year (s) for exemplifying un-sportsman-like conduct.

15. The entry deadline is listed at the bottom of the application form. Application and entry fees must be in the hands of the Nationals by the deadline, not postmarked by that date. Any applications received late will be returned, no exceptions.

16. Requirement steps – Compulsory! – For 1st Round – Friday night (Prelims) and Thursday night (Finals), Masters are exempt – The following shag steps must be done by male and female at the same time:

Basic – Facing each other.

Pivot – full

Duck Walk – on one foot, the other – male and female simultaneously.

Boogie Walk – kick and boogie, boogie – male and female simultaneously.

Belly Roll – at least one complete belly roll; with male lead (his left on a 1-2

count, then 3-4 count on his right, then 5-6).

Judging auditors (2) will check off requirement steps.

For each step not performed – each judge’s placement will drop the couple one position for the first night’s score. Example: If a judge places you third and you omit the belly-roll and a pivot, you would be placed fifth on the judge’s ballot.

17. Each dancer is limited to dance in one division.

18. Senior Division – The female must be at least 49 years of age and the male must be at least 50 years of age by the last day of finals. Judged on smoothness, togetherness, repertoire, execution and degree of difficulty.

19. N.S.D.C. Board and Committee members are eligible to enter any division, but will not serve on “The Judges Selection Committee”.

20. A list of classic shag recordings is available to all Pro, Non-Pro, Seniors and Juniors to select from for their Thursday night requirements record. The list was selected by many Disc- Jockeys in order of preference #1 – #25 and the top 173 comprise the list. The list is on this website. Dancers may fax or e-mail their Thursday night letter of preference ASAP (prior to sending in their application). NO record will be danced to more than once on that night. The first faxed or e-mailed times and dates will be the couples to use the record. This is to avoid hearing the same record more than twice.

21. When a Non-Pro dancer wins his or her third C.S.A/S.P.A (combined) contest they move into the Pro Division of the Nationals even if they have not danced Pro in C.S.A or S