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[23 Jul 2022 | No Comment | ]

Dancers should checkout our updated Preservation Song List for Thursday night competition located on our “Dancer Info” Page

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[20 Jun 2022 | No Comment | ]

The NSDC is proud to announce that Craig Jennings will serve as our 2023 Disc Jockey.

Craig has played for many contests; is a member of the “DeeJay Hall of Fame”; and he and wife, Heather,have competed and were Runner-ups in the Professional Division.

Welcome Aboard Mr. Jennings!

More Nationals News forthcoming.

Barry Thigpen

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[4 Jun 2022 | No Comment | ]

Tom Hamrick (Little Tommy to his closest fans), has decided not to Deejay for the coming year – after 13 years! But we are pleased that he is remaining on our Board of Directors! We really appreciate his many years as our record spinner and the great job he did.

The 2023 Deejay has already been selected and will be announced in our next bulletin of updates!

So glad to see some of the events returning. Really hearing a great deal about the Juniors & Non-Pros recently.Have a great summer!