Welcome to the National Shag Dance Championships ("NSDC")

The NSDC started in Myrtle Beach in 1984 and is the longest continuously running shag dance contest in the United States. Past winners of the NSDC have performed on countless TV shows and events including: Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, PGA Annual Banquets, NBA Games, Beach Music Awards, and Harvard University.

The NSDC is the past winner of two "Feather Awards" for best swing dance event in the United States.

In addition to hosting the annual contest, the NSDC established the "Beth Mitchell Memorial Scholarship" in 1998 to annually assist in the education of a deserving college student who is a current or past contest in the NSDC, or whose family has competed in the NSDC. The scholarship foundation is classified as a 501c3 for tax deductions. Scholarship recipients are announced each year at the Finals of the NSDC.

The NSDC is held over two weekends each year with the Preliminaries (Qualifying Round) occurring near the end of January and the Finals in early March. If you enjoy watching dance shows on TV, then you should attend the NSDC and experience the excitement of a first class dance competition in person.

Click on the links above for more information on the contest (including dates, time, tickets, rules, etc.) as well as information on the Beth Mitchell Scholarship, past NSDC winners, and more. Or you can contact us at shagnationals@sc.rr.com or by calling Barry Thigpen at 843-222-6706

3 Feb 2010 Latest NSDC News »

Rule Change for 2018 Contest

The Executive Committee of the NSDC has a new rule. Effective for the 2018 SHAG NATIONALS competition.

Any Overall Junior Champion must enter the Professional Division once they are 21 years of age (or aged out of the Junior II Division). They now must bypass the Non-Pro Division and go straight to the Pro Division.  We know we may hear that if the rule was changed earlier some runner-ups would have been champions, but feel now is the right time to make this change to encourage more Non-Pro dancers.

The Non-Pro Division was established as a step-up division for beginners, amateurs and novice dancers. Winning the Junior Overall is a much different level of dance ability. In fact, in the past some Overall Junior champions chose to skip the Non- Pro – Michael and Leann Norris, Brenner Goree, and Autumn Jones.

We hope this will sincerely add more dancers to the Non-Pro Division and look forward to the Preliminaries on January 26-27, 2018 and the Finals on March 8-10, 2018 – the 35th Nationals.

Sirius XM Channel 13 – Carolina Shag

Sirius XM came to visit us at the National Shag Dance Championships back in March. DJ Human Numan was roaming the crowd and recording mini interviews from dancers and spectators about what Carolina shag means to them. The result is that Sirius has launched a “limited edition” station dedicated to Carolina Shag featuring classic 50s-70s rhythm and blues and soul music that you would hear at Shag Nationals or any shag club in the Carolinas. Listen closely and you will hear sound clips of the interviews from Nationals this year. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER so that we let the folks at Sirius know how much we appreciate them sharing our music with the world – if we get enough social media “likes” maybe they will air it as a seasonal channel every year between Memorial Day and July 4th weekends?…..Show your support for Sirius XM Carolina Shag!

Congratulations to our 2017 Division Winners & Finalists

Here are the results of the 2017 National Shag Dance Championships in order of final placement


  1. Leslie Jennings & Sam West
  2. Autumn Jones & Brennar Goree
  3. Chase Forrester & Cody Edwards
  4. Myers Floyd & Garrett Humphries
  5. Sarah Kemp & Rod Hager
  6. Taylor Perkinson & Jeremy Webb
  7. Jada Bannen & Steve Balok
  8. Tobitha Stewart & Gene Pope


  1. Brenda & Bill Barber
  2. Marsha & Les Rose
  3. Pat & Archer Joyce


  1. Jane Jacobs & Craig Guy
  2. Mary Lynn Myrick & Tom Bare
  3. Pat Folds & Rodger Woodson
  4. Susan Neal & Tom Shipman


  1. Sydney Kemble-West & Kyler Byrum
  2. Kim Chance & Bryan Renn
  3. Taylor Shirley & Chad Farlow

Junior 1

  1. Lizzie Batten & Trey Henley
  2. Trinity Davis & Mack West
  3. Gracie Pandure & Tucker Brown
  4. Lauren Cookman & Jason Long

Junior II

  1. Kayla Henley & Jackson Batten
  2. Allison Pittman & Cullen Fields
  3. Ivy Claire Huiet & Johnathan Kemp
  4. Mary Elizabeth Jacobs & River Harmon
  5. Kaylee Bravo & Kolten Ellis

New 2017 Prelims Event – Ladies HOF “Golden Girls”

Our ladies 60’s Hall of Famers Mixed Doubles at Prelims was a HUGE success!  These ladies shagged in O.D. Beach and beaches north and south in the sixties. They selected their own record and their partner was drawn.  Judy Duke, Mott Free, Janet Harold, Betty Kane, Babs McIntosh, and Ellen Taylor brought the house down and raised lots of money for the Beth Mitchell Memorial Scholarship.  Videos of the Golden Girls Mixed Doubles as well as all of Prelims are available from Stages Video.  $30 for DVD or $50 for DVD of entire weekend.  Send check or money with your mailing address to 514 29th Avenue North, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

2017 Shagging with the Stars

The 2017 Shagging with the Stars and Pro Instructors met recently at the Flamingo Grill in Myrtle Beach.  They will compete on Friday, January 29th at the Spanish Galleon.  Proceeds to benefit the Beth Mitchell Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Group Photo (L to R):  M.J. Schwartz, Kim Chance, Lauren Benton, Jeff Hargett, Donna Hosaflook, Ryan Earnest, Holly McMillan, Jackson Batten, Rev. Jason Lee, Pat Folds, Scott Campbell, Renee Elvis, Mark Porter, Renee Scott, Sara Dee Timmerman, Rusty Hosaflook








2017 NSDC Sponsors
Pro Finalists

South Atlantic Bank

WBTW News 13

Beach Shaggers Hall of Fame

Donna & Rusty Hosaflook

Camille & Bruce Morgan

Vicki & Ralph Tedesco

Angela & Chris Jestes

Gretchen & Richard Abney

Shaggers Hall of Fame

Remax Ocean Forest