Welcome to the National Shag Dance Championships ("NSDC")

The NSDC started in Myrtle Beach in 1984 and is the longest continuously running shag dance contest in the United States. Past winners of the NSDC have performed on countless TV shows and events including: Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, PGA Annual Banquets, NBA Games, Beach Music Awards, and Harvard University.

The NSDC is the past winner of two "Feather Awards" for best swing dance event in the United States.

In addition to hosting the annual contest, the NSDC established the "Beth Mitchell Memorial Scholarship" in 1998 to annually assist in the education of a deserving college student who is a current or past contest in the NSDC, or whose family has competed in the NSDC. The scholarship foundation is classified as a 501c3 for tax deductions. Scholarship recipients are announced each year at the Finals of the NSDC.

The NSDC is held over two weekends each year with the Preliminaries (Qualifying Round) occurring near the end of January and the Finals in early March. If you enjoy watching dance shows on TV, then you should attend the NSDC and experience the excitement of a first class dance competition in person.

Click on the links above for more information on the contest (including dates, time, tickets, rules, etc.) as well as information on the Beth Mitchell Scholarship, past NSDC winners, and more. Or you can contact us at nationalshag@gmail.com or by calling Barry Thigpen at 843-222-6706

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Congratulations to all of our Winners and Finalists at the 2020 National Shag Dance Championships – we really appreciate your participation despite the Coronavirus Pandemic!


  1. Sydney West & Sam West (+Overall Winners)
  2. Krystal Bravo & Nicholas Weaver
  3. Lani Greene & William Greene
  4. Mandy Holt & Jeremy Webb


  1. Brooke Farrior & Billy West
  2. Gracie Pandure & Tucker Brown
  3. Maci Walters & Zane Morgan
  4. Genesis Beam & Chase Collins


  1. Ivy Claire Huiet & Johnathan Kemp (+ Overall Junior Winner)
  2. Trinity Davis & Mack West
  3. Lizzie Batten & Jackson Batten
  4. Kaylee Bravo & Trey Henley
  5. Lauren Cookman & Maxwell Rusmisell
  6. Hannah Surface & J.P. Stephenson


  1. Renee Scott & Gene Pope
  2. Kim Renn & Bryan Renn
  3. Donna Hosaflook & Rusty Hosaflook
  4. Jim Hern & Dale Hern


  1. Linda Reese & Charlie Reese
  2. Jane Jacobs & Craig Guy
  3. Brenda Barber & Bill Barber
  4. Pat Folds & Jerry Burrage


  1. Robbie Brunson & Tommy Manibusan
  2. Merinda Swaim & Jason Swaim
  3. Jewell Pradier & Tae Bowden